Bangalore Metro

Namma Metro also called Bangalore Metro, is a metro framework serving the city of Bangalore in Karnataka, India. Namma Metro is India's second biggest metro framework as far as both length and number of stations, after the Delhi Metro. On the other hand, Namma Metro positioned world's 99th biggest metro system as far as length and 92nd biggest metro system as far as number of working stations. It likewise contains the primary underground metro line in South India. The metro system comprises of two shading coded lines, with an aggregate length of 31.52 kilometers serving 30 stations. The framework has a blend of underground, at-evaluation, and raised stations utilizing standard-gage tracks. The metro has a normal every day ridership of 140,000 travelers.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL), a joint endeavor of the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka, assembled and works the Namma Metro.[10] Services work day by day somewhere around 06:00 and 22:00 running with a progress shifting between 8-10 minutes. The trains are made out of three autos. The force yield is supplied by 750 volt direct current through third rail.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) drafted and presented the detailed project for the first phase of the Namma Metro undertaking to the BMRCL in May 2003. Development work for Phase I of the venture started to begin in 2005 however was postponed by a February 2006 due to change of government in Karnataka and proceeded with civil argument about whether the task was fiscally attainable and proper for the city. The undertaking was affirmed by the Union Cabinet on 25 April 2006. Common development on the main segment, Reach I, the stretch of the Purple Line amongst Baiyyappanahalli and Mahatma Gandhi Road, started on 15 April 2007. The area opened to the general population on 20 October 2011. The improvement of system was separated into stages, Phase I containing 2 lines was is planned to be finished in 2016, and Phase II by 2022.

Delhi Metro Station

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