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Cstc Bus Time Table

Cstc operates buses on 70 routes. Ramlal Bazar to BBD Bag, Rabindra Sadan to Paikpara, Ballygunge Stn to Esplanade, Ballygunge Stn to Bagbazar, Bagbazar to Kidderpur, Sealdah to Thakurpukur, Kankurgachi to Behala, Esplanade to Amtala, Tollygunge to Esplanade, Esplanade to Baranagore, Haridevpur to BBD Bag, Garia to Howrah Stn, Garia to Rashbehari, Hazra Park to Sarsuna, Sarsuna to Howrah Stn, Shibrampur to Esplanade, Ramlal Bazar to Howrah Stn, Jadavpur to Howrah Stn, Ultadanga to Rabindra Sadan, Sechbhavan to Sealdah, Santoshpur to Hazra, Jadavpur to Esplanade, Golpark to Bagbazar, Rabindra Sadan to Dunlop Bridge, Asansol to Kolkata, Balurghat to Kolkata, Balurghat to Malda, Digha to Kolkata, Durgapur to Ahmedabad, Durgapur to Kolkata, Hili to Balurghat, Hili to Kolkata, Hili to Malda, Kolkata to Angul, Kolkata to Asansol, Kolkata to Balurghat, Kolkata to Baripada, Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata to Bhubaneswar, Kolkata to Buniadpur, Kolkata to Chandikhol, Kolkata to Cuttack, Kolkata to Dhanbad, Kolkata to Dhenkanal, Kolkata to Digha, Kolkata to Durgapur, Kolkata to Gangarampur, Kolkata to Halebid, Kolkata to Hili, Kolkata to Kendrapara, Kolkata to Malda, Kolkata to Paradip, Kolkata to Patiram, Kolkata to Patna, Kolkata to Puri, Kolkata to Ranchi, Kolkata to Ranigunj, Kolkata to Siliguri, Kolkata to Talcher, Siliguri to Gangtok, Siliguri to Gangtokes, Siliguri to Kalimpong, Siliguri to Kalimponges, Siliguri to Kolkata, Siliguri to Kolkataes, Siliguri to Muzaffarpur, Siliguri to Muzaffarpures, Siliguri to Patna, Siliguri to Patnaes, Siliguri to Purnia are some of the famous ones.They have good number of buses that includes - Non A/c.Bus fare ranges from Rs. 90 and goes upto Rs. 1800 depending on route and bus type.

Cstc Routes Distance Duration Bus Type Arrival Departure
Rabindra Sadan to Paikpara Non A/c -- --
Ballygunge Stn to Esplanade Non A/c -- --
Ballygunge Stn to Bagbazar Non A/c -- --
Bagbazar to Kidderpur Non A/c -- --
Sealdah to Thakurpukur Non A/c -- --
Kankurgachi to Behala Non A/c -- --
Esplanade to Amtala Non A/c -- --
Tollygunge to Esplanade Non A/c -- --
Esplanade to Baranagore Non A/c -- --
Haridevpur to BBD Bag Non A/c -- --
Garia to Howrah Stn Non A/c -- --
Garia to Rashbehari Non A/c -- --
Hazra Park to Sarsuna Non A/c -- --
Sarsuna to Howrah Stn Non A/c -- --
Shibrampur to Esplanade Non A/c -- --
Ramlal Bazar to Howrah Stn Non A/c -- --
Jadavpur to Howrah Stn Non A/c -- --
Ultadanga to Rabindra Sadan Non A/c -- --
Sechbhavan to Sealdah Non A/c -- --
Santoshpur to Hazra Non A/c -- --
Jadavpur to Esplanade Non A/c -- --
Golpark to Bagbazar Non A/c -- --
Rabindra Sadan to Dunlop Bridge Non A/c -- --
Asansol to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Balurghat to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Balurghat to Malda Non A/c -- --
Digha to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Durgapur to Ahmedabad Non A/c -- --
Durgapur to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Hili to Balurghat Non A/c -- --
Hili to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Hili to Malda Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Angul Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Asansol Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Balurghat Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Baripada Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Bhubaneswar Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Buniadpur Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Chandikhol Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Cuttack Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Dhanbad Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Dhenkanal Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Digha Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Durgapur Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Gangarampur Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Halebid Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Hili Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Kendrapara Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Malda Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Paradip Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Patiram Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Patna Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Puri Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Ranchi Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Ranigunj Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Siliguri Non A/c -- --
Kolkata to Talcher Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Gangtok Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Gangtokes Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Kalimpong Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Kalimponges Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Kolkataes Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Muzaffarpur Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Muzaffarpures Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Patna Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Patnaes Non A/c -- --
Siliguri to Purnia Non A/c -- --

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