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Hrtc Bus Time Table

Hrtc operates buses on 107 routes. Ambala to Delhi, Ambala City to Naraingarh, Ambala City to Chandigarh, Ambala Cantt to Kurukshetra, Ambala Cantt to Karnal, Ambala Cantt to Ludhiana, Sirsa to Chandigarh, Hisar to Chandigarh, Ambala City to Kalka, Tosham to Chandigarh, Jind to Chandigarh, Ambala Cantt to Chandigarh, Karnal to Chandigarh, Kurukshetra to Chandigarh, Yamuna Nagar to Chandigarh, Ambala Cantt to Yamuna Nagar, Baijnath to Delhi, Dharamsala to Chandigarh, Dharamsala to Delhi, Dharamshala to Chandigarh, Dharamshala to Delhi, Dharapuram to Alagiapandiapuram, Dharapuram to Alagiyamandapam, Dharapuram to Aralvaimozhi, Dharapuram to Chennai, Dharapuram to Kovilpatti, Dharapuram to Marthandam, Dharapuram to Nagercoil, Dharapuram to Thakalai, Dharapuram to Tirunelveli, Dharapuram to Valliyur, Dharmshala to Delhi, Jaisinghpur to Bangalore, Jaisinghpur to Hyderabad, Jaisinghpur to Latur, Jaisinghpur to Mumbai, Jaisinghpur to Nagpur, Jaisinghpur to Nanded, Jaisinghpur to Pune, Jaisinghpur to Umarkhed, Jaisinghpur to Wardha, Jaisinghpur to Yavatmal, Kangra to Delhi, Kullu to Ambala, Kullu to Chandigarh, Kullu to Delhi, Kullu to Karnal, Kullu to Panchkula, Kullu to Panipat, Kullu to Sonipat, Manali New Town to C.m.b.t., Manali to Ambala, Manali to Chandigarh, Manali to Delhi, Manali to Dharamsala, Manali to Dharamshala, Manali to Karnal, Manali to Leh, Manali to Panchkula, Manali to Panipat, Manali to Shimla, Manali to Simla, Manali to Sonipat, Mandi to Ambala, Mandi to Chandigarh, Mandi to Delhi, Mandi to Karnal, Mandi to Panchkula, Mandi to Panipat, Mandi to Sonipat, Mcleod Ganj to Chandigarh, Mcleod Ganj to Delhi, Murthal to Katra, Panipat to Ambala, Panipat to Jammu, Panipat to Katra, Panipat to Kullu, Panipat to Manali, Panipat to Pathankot, Shimla to Delhi, Shimla to Manali are some of the famous ones.They have good number of buses that includes - Non A/c.Bus fare ranges from Rs. 90 and goes upto Rs. 1800 depending on route and bus type.

Hrtc Routes Distance Duration Bus Type Arrival Departure
Ambala City to Naraingarh Non A/c -- --
Ambala City to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Ambala Cantt to Kurukshetra Non A/c -- --
Ambala Cantt to Karnal Non A/c -- --
Ambala Cantt to Ludhiana Non A/c -- --
Sirsa to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Hisar to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Ambala City to Kalka Non A/c -- --
Tosham to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Jind to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Ambala Cantt to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Karnal to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Kurukshetra to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Yamuna Nagar to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Ambala Cantt to Yamuna Nagar Non A/c -- --
Baijnath to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Dharamsala to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Dharamsala to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Dharamshala to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Dharamshala to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Alagiapandiapuram Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Alagiyamandapam Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Aralvaimozhi Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Chennai Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Kovilpatti Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Marthandam Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Nagercoil Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Thakalai Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Tirunelveli Non A/c -- --
Dharapuram to Valliyur Non A/c -- --
Dharmshala to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Bangalore Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Hyderabad Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Latur Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Mumbai Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Nagpur Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Nanded Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Pune Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Umarkhed Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Wardha Non A/c -- --
Jaisinghpur to Yavatmal Non A/c -- --
Kangra to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Ambala Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Karnal Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Panchkula Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Panipat Non A/c -- --
Kullu to Sonipat Non A/c -- --
Manali New Town to C.m.b.t. Non A/c -- --
Manali to Ambala Non A/c -- --
Manali to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Manali to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Manali to Dharamsala Non A/c -- --
Manali to Dharamshala Non A/c -- --
Manali to Karnal Non A/c -- --
Manali to Leh Non A/c -- --
Manali to Panchkula Non A/c -- --
Manali to Panipat Non A/c -- --
Manali to Shimla Non A/c -- --
Manali to Simla Non A/c -- --
Manali to Sonipat Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Ambala Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Karnal Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Panchkula Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Panipat Non A/c -- --
Mandi to Sonipat Non A/c -- --
Mcleod Ganj to Chandigarh Non A/c -- --
Mcleod Ganj to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Murthal to Katra Non A/c -- --
Panipat to Ambala Non A/c -- --
Panipat to Jammu Non A/c -- --
Panipat to Katra Non A/c -- --
Panipat to Kullu Non A/c -- --
Panipat to Manali Non A/c -- --
Panipat to Pathankot Non A/c -- --
Shimla to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Shimla to Manali Non A/c -- --
Simla to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Simla to Manali Non A/c -- --
Sonipat to Ambala Non A/c -- --
Sonipat to Kullu Non A/c -- --
Sonipat to Manali Non A/c -- --
Sundernagar to Ambala Non A/c -- --
Sundernagar to Karnal Non A/c -- --
Sundernagar to Panipat Non A/c -- --
Sundernagar to Sonipat Non A/c -- --
Una to Ahmedabad Non A/c -- --
Una to Ankleshwar Non A/c -- --
Una to Baroda Non A/c -- --
Una to Bharuch Non A/c -- --
Una to Daman Non A/c -- --
Una to Diu Non A/c -- --
Una to Kamrej Non A/c -- --
Una to Kim Non A/c -- --
Una to Kosamba Non A/c -- --
Una to Mahuva Non A/c -- --
Una to Mumbai Non A/c -- --
Una to Navsari Non A/c -- --
Una to Rajula Non A/c -- --
Una to Surat Non A/c -- --
Una to Vadodara Non A/c -- --
Una to Valsad Non A/c -- --
Una to Vapi Non A/c -- --

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