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Jsrtc Bus Time Table

Jsrtc operates buses on 98 routes. Dhanbad to Kolkata, Gamharia to Patna, Hazaribagh to Gaya, Hazaribagh to Hajipur, Hazaribagh to Jamshedpur Tata, Hazaribagh to Motihari, Hazaribagh to Patna, Hazaribagh to Ramgarh, Hazaribagh to Ranchi, Jamshedpur Tata to Gaya, Jamshedpur Tata to Hajipur, Jamshedpur Tata to Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur Tata to Motihari, Jamshedpur Tata to Patna, Jamshedpur Tata to Ramgarh, Jamshedpur Tata to Ranchi, Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur to Chandikhol, Jamshedpur to Cuttack, Jamshedpur to Gaya, Jamshedpur to Gopalganj, Jamshedpur to Jahanabad, Jamshedpur to Muzaffarpur, Jamshedpur to Patna, Lalpur to Ahmedabad, Lalpur to Ankleshwar, Lalpur to Baroda, Lalpur to Bharuch, Lalpur to Chiloda, Lalpur to Daramali, Lalpur to Himmatnagar, Lalpur to Idar, Lalpur to Krishnanagar, Lalpur to Mumbai, Lalpur to Netramali, Lalpur to Prantij, Lalpur to Salal, Lalpur to Surat, Lalpur to Tejpura, Lalpur to Vapi, Rajnagar to Ahmedabad, Rajnagar to Ajmer, Rajnagar to Beawer, Rajnagar to Behror, Rajnagar to Bhim, Rajnagar to Bikaner, Rajnagar to Delhi, Rajnagar to Deshnok, Rajnagar to Dharuhera, Rajnagar to Ghaziabad, Rajnagar to Gurgaon, Rajnagar to Haridwar, Rajnagar to Indore, Rajnagar to Jaipur, Rajnagar to Jaora, Rajnagar to Kelwa, Rajnagar to Kishangadh, Rajnagar to Mandsaur, Rajnagar to Merath, Rajnagar to Merta, Rajnagar to Muzaffarnagar, Rajnagar to Nagaur, Rajnagar to Nagore, Rajnagar to Neemuch, Rajnagar to Nimbahera, Rajnagar to Nokha, Rajnagar to Ratlam, Rajnagar to Roorki, Rajnagar to Shahpura, Rajnagar to Shahzadpur, Ramgarh to Gaya, Ramgarh to Hajipur, Ramgarh to Hazaribagh, Ramgarh to Jamshedpur Tata, Ramgarh to Motihari, Ramgarh to Muzaffarpur, Ramgarh to Patna, Ramgarh to Purnia, Ramgarh to Ranchi, Ranchi to Bhubaneswar, Ranchi to Chandikhol are some of the famous ones.They have good number of buses that includes - Non A/c.Bus fare ranges from Rs. 90 and goes upto Rs. 1800 depending on route and bus type.

Jsrtc Routes Distance Duration Bus Type Arrival Departure
Gamharia to Patna Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Gaya Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Hajipur Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Jamshedpur Tata Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Motihari Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Patna Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Ramgarh Non A/c -- --
Hazaribagh to Ranchi Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Gaya Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Hajipur Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Hazaribagh Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Motihari Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Patna Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Ramgarh Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur Tata to Ranchi Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Chandikhol Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Cuttack Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Gaya Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Gopalganj Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Jahanabad Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Muzaffarpur Non A/c -- --
Jamshedpur to Patna Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Ahmedabad Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Ankleshwar Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Baroda Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Bharuch Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Chiloda Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Daramali Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Himmatnagar Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Idar Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Krishnanagar Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Mumbai Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Netramali Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Prantij Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Salal Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Surat Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Tejpura Non A/c -- --
Lalpur to Vapi Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Ahmedabad Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Ajmer Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Beawer Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Behror Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Bhim Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Bikaner Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Delhi Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Deshnok Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Dharuhera Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Ghaziabad Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Gurgaon Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Haridwar Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Indore Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Jaipur Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Jaora Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Kelwa Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Kishangadh Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Mandsaur Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Merath Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Merta Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Muzaffarnagar Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Nagaur Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Nagore Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Neemuch Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Nimbahera Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Nokha Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Ratlam Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Roorki Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Shahpura Non A/c -- --
Rajnagar to Shahzadpur Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Gaya Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Hajipur Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Hazaribagh Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Jamshedpur Tata Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Motihari Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Muzaffarpur Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Patna Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Purnia Non A/c -- --
Ramgarh to Ranchi Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Bhubaneswar Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Chandikhol Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Cuttack Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Gaya Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Hajipur Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Hazaribagh Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Jamshedpur Tata Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Kolkata Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Motihari Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Muzaffarpur Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Patna Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Purnia Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Ramgarh Non A/c -- --
Ranchi to Raxaul Non A/c -- --
Sindari to Ahmedabad Non A/c -- --
Sindari to Baroda Non A/c -- --
Sindari to Palanpur Non A/c -- --
Sindari to Surat Non A/c -- --
Sonari to Guwahati Non A/c -- --

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