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Keralartc Bus Time Table

Keralartc operates buses on 116 routes. Valiathura to Airport, Sulaiman Theruvu to Airport, Valiathura to Beemapally, Vallakadavu to Beemapally, Kallumoodu to Beemapally, Enchakkal, to Beemapally, Pachalloor to Kovalam, Thiruvallam to Kovalam, Thiruvallam bypass road to Kovalam, Pallichal to Kovalam, Attukal to Maruthoorkadavu, Manacaud to Attukal, Att to Kalady South, Karamana, Kalady to Kalady South, Attukal to Kalladymukham, Thiruvallam to Punchakkari, Attukal to East Fort, Thiruvallam to Venganoor, Thiruvallam to Peringammala, Thiruvallam to Vizhinjam, Palayam to Shanghumugham, Valiathura to Shanghumugham, Valiathura to Veli, Palayam to Veli, Palayam to Kochuveli railway station, Palayam to KIMS hospital, Palayam, Chakkah bypass road to Karikkakom Temple, Karamana to Pappanamcode, Karamana to Malayinkeezhu, Karamana to Neyyattinkara, Palayam to Kattakada, Vellayambalam to Peroorkada, Peroorkada to Vellanadu, Sasthamangalam to Aryanadu, Kowdiar, Peroorkada to Nedumangad, Vellayambalam to Bhagavathipuram, Palayam to Aruvikkara, Vellayambalam to Puliyarakkonam, Palayam to Vikas Bhavan, Pattom to Akkulam, Pattom to College of Engineering, Pattom to Chempazhanthy, Sreekariyam to Pothencode, Pattom to Santhigiri, Ulloor to Kazhakoottam, Pattom to Kaniyapuram, Kesavadasapuram to Vattappara, Sreekariyam to Venjaramoodu, Venniyoor to Kovalam, Homeopathy College to Maruthoorkadavu, Kalady to Maruthoorkadavu, Kulathara to Maruthoorkadavu, Homeopathy College to Kalady South, Kalady to Kalady South, Kulathara to Kalady South, Konchiravila to Kalladymukham, Menilam to Punchakkari, Vandithadam to Punchakkari, Pappanchani to Punchakkari, Homeopathy College to Thiruvallam, Kalady to Venganoor, Maruthoorkadavu to Venganoor, Thaliyal to Venganoor, Karamana to Venganoor, Aguricultural College to Venganoor, Peringammala to Venganoor, Venganoor to Peringammala, Aguricultual College to Peringammala, Pachalloor to Vizhinjam, Venganoor to Vizhinjam, Pettah to Shanghumugham, All Saints College to Shanghumugham, Airport to Shanghumugham, Shanghumugham to Veli, Vettucaud to Veli, Pettah to Veli, All Saints College to Veli, Madhavapuram to Veli, Pettah to Kochuveli railway station, Pettah to Puthenthope, Pettah to Pappanamcode are some of the famous ones.They have good number of buses that includes - Non A/c .Bus fare ranges from Rs. 90 and goes upto Rs. 1800 depending on route and bus type.

Keralartc Routes Distance Duration Bus Type Arrival Departure
Sulaiman Theruvu to Airport Non A/c -- --
Valiathura to Beemapally Non A/c -- --
Vallakadavu to Beemapally Non A/c -- --
Kallumoodu to Beemapally Non A/c -- --
Enchakkal, to Beemapally Non A/c -- --
Pachalloor to Kovalam Non A/c -- --
Thiruvallam to Kovalam Non A/c -- --
Thiruvallam bypass road to Kovalam Non A/c -- --
Pallichal to Kovalam Non A/c -- --
Attukal to Maruthoorkadavu Non A/c -- --
Manacaud to Attukal Non A/c -- --
Att to Kalady South Non A/c -- --
Karamana, Kalady to Kalady South Non A/c -- --
Attukal to Kalladymukham Non A/c -- --
Thiruvallam to Punchakkari Non A/c -- --
Attukal to East Fort Non A/c -- --
Thiruvallam to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Thiruvallam to Peringammala Non A/c -- --
Thiruvallam to Vizhinjam Non A/c -- --
Palayam to Shanghumugham Non A/c -- --
Valiathura to Shanghumugham Non A/c -- --
Valiathura to Veli Non A/c -- --
Palayam to Veli Non A/c -- --
Palayam to Kochuveli railway station Non A/c -- --
Palayam to KIMS hospital Non A/c -- --
Palayam, Chakkah bypass road to Karikkakom Temple Non A/c -- --
Karamana to Pappanamcode Non A/c -- --
Karamana to Malayinkeezhu Non A/c -- --
Karamana to Neyyattinkara Non A/c -- --
Palayam to Kattakada Non A/c -- --
Vellayambalam to Peroorkada Non A/c -- --
Peroorkada to Vellanadu Non A/c -- --
Sasthamangalam to Aryanadu Non A/c -- --
Kowdiar, Peroorkada to Nedumangad Non A/c -- --
Vellayambalam to Bhagavathipuram Non A/c -- --
Palayam to Aruvikkara Non A/c -- --
Vellayambalam to Puliyarakkonam Non A/c -- --
Palayam to Vikas Bhavan Non A/c -- --
Pattom to Akkulam Non A/c -- --
Pattom to College of Engineering Non A/c -- --
Pattom to Chempazhanthy Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to Pothencode Non A/c -- --
Pattom to Santhigiri Non A/c -- --
Ulloor to Kazhakoottam Non A/c -- --
Pattom to Kaniyapuram Non A/c -- --
Kesavadasapuram to Vattappara Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to Venjaramoodu Non A/c -- --
Venniyoor to Kovalam Non A/c -- --
Homeopathy College to Maruthoorkadavu Non A/c -- --
Kalady to Maruthoorkadavu Non A/c -- --
Kulathara to Maruthoorkadavu Non A/c -- --
Homeopathy College to Kalady South Non A/c -- --
Kalady to Kalady South Non A/c -- --
Kulathara to Kalady South Non A/c -- --
Konchiravila to Kalladymukham Non A/c -- --
Menilam to Punchakkari Non A/c -- --
Vandithadam to Punchakkari Non A/c -- --
Pappanchani to Punchakkari Non A/c -- --
Homeopathy College to Thiruvallam Non A/c -- --
Kalady to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Maruthoorkadavu to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Thaliyal to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Karamana to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Aguricultural College to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Peringammala to Venganoor Non A/c -- --
Venganoor to Peringammala Non A/c -- --
Aguricultual College to Peringammala Non A/c -- --
Pachalloor to Vizhinjam Non A/c -- --
Venganoor to Vizhinjam Non A/c -- --
Pettah to Shanghumugham Non A/c -- --
All Saints College to Shanghumugham Non A/c -- --
Airport to Shanghumugham Non A/c -- --
Shanghumugham to Veli Non A/c -- --
Vettucaud to Veli Non A/c -- --
Pettah to Veli Non A/c -- --
All Saints College to Veli Non A/c -- --
Madhavapuram to Veli Non A/c -- --
Pettah to Kochuveli railway station Non A/c -- --
Pettah to Puthenthope Non A/c -- --
Pettah to Pappanamcode Non A/c -- --
Anayara to Pappanamcode Non A/c -- --
Pappanamcode to Malayinkeezhu Non A/c -- --
Pappanamcode to Neyyattinkara Non A/c -- --
Nemom to Neyyattinkara Non A/c -- --
Balaramapuram to Neyyattinkara Non A/c -- --
Thirumala to Kattakada Non A/c -- --
Peyad to Kattakada Non A/c -- --
Ambalammukku to Peroorkada Non A/c -- --
Aruvikkara to Vellanadu Non A/c -- --
Vattiyoorkavu to Aryanadu Non A/c -- --
Nettayam to Aryanadu Non A/c -- --
Vattiyoorkavu to Bhagavathipuram Non A/c -- --
Nettayam to Bhagavathipuram Non A/c -- --
Cheriya Konni to Bhagavathipuram Non A/c -- --
Vattiyoorkavu to Aruvikkara Non A/c -- --
Nettayam to Aruvikkara Non A/c -- --
Vattiyoorkavu to Vikas Bhavan Non A/c -- --
Vallakkadavu to Vikas Bhavan Non A/c -- --
Ulloor to Akkulam Non A/c -- --
Kesavadasapuram to Akkulam Non A/c -- --
Ulloor to College of Engineering-CET Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to College of Engineering-CET Non A/c -- --
Chavadimukku to College of Engineering-CET Non A/c -- --
Ulloor to Chempazhanthy Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to Chempazhanthy Non A/c -- --
Powdikonam to Pothencode Non A/c -- --
Ulloor to Santhigiri Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to Santhigiri Non A/c -- --
Kariavattom to Kazhakoottam Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to Kazhakoottam Non A/c -- --
Kulathoor to Kazhakoottam Non A/c -- --
Sreekariyam to Kaniyapuram Non A/c -- --
Kazhakoottam to Kaniyapuram Non A/c -- --
Mannanthala to Vattappara Non A/c -- --
Powdikonam to Venjaramoodu Non A/c -- --

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