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Ktc Bus Time Table

Ktc operates buses on 95 routes. Pnj to Sawantwadi Via Dodamarg, Pnj to Vengurla, Pnj to Kolhapur, Pnj to Korjai, Pnj to Sawantwadi Via Patradevi, Pnj to Malwan, Pnj to Malwan Via Nerurpar, Pnj to Miraj, Pnj to Swadi, Pnj to Banda Via Madura, Pnj to Vijayadurga, Pnj to Tillari, Pnj to Banda, Pnj to Terekhol, Pnj to S .wadi Belgaum, Pnj to Poona, Pnj to Shirdi, Pnj to Mangalore, Pnj to Belgaum, Pnj to Saundatti, Pnj to Hubli, Pnj Anmod to Belgaum, Pnj to Chikkodi, Pnj to Badami, Pnj to Raichur, Pnj to Gulbarga, Pnj to Bangalore, Pnj to Bijapur, Madgaon to Ahmednagar, Madgaon to Banda, Madgaon to Bangalore, Madgaon to Goa, Madgaon to Hubli, Madgaon to Kankavli, Madgaon to Kolhapur, Madgaon to Kudal, Madgaon to Lonavala, Madgaon to Mahabaleshwar, Madgaon to Mapsa, Madgaon to Mumbai, Madgaon to Panjim, Madgaon to Pune, Madgaon to Satara, Madgaon to Sawantwadi, Madgaon to Shirdi, Madgaon to Thane, Panaji to Bangalore, Panaji to Belgaum, Panaji to Hyderabad, Panaji to Kolhapur, Panaji to Mahabaleshwar, Panaji to Miraj, Panaji to Mumbai, Panaji to Pune, Panaji to Sangli, Panaji to Shirdi, Panaji to Solapur, Panaji to Thane, Panjim to Ahmedabad, Panjim to Ahmednagar, Panjim to Anand, Panjim to Ankleshwar, Panjim to Bangalore, Panjim to Baroda, Panjim to Belgaum, Panjim to Bharuch, Panjim to Chennai, Panjim to Goa, Panjim to Gulbarga, Panjim to Hubli, Panjim to Humnabad, Panjim to Hyderabad, Panjim to Kankavli, Panjim to Karad, Panjim to Kolhapur, Panjim to Kundapura, Panjim to Lonavala, Panjim to Madgaon, Panjim to Mahabaleshwar, Panjim to Mangalore, Panjim to Mumbai are some of the famous ones.They have good number of buses that includes - Non A/c.Bus fare ranges from Rs. 90 and goes upto Rs. 1800 depending on route and bus type.

Ktc Routes Distance Duration Bus Type Arrival Departure
Pnj to Vengurla Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Kolhapur Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Korjai Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Sawantwadi Via Patradevi Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Malwan Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Malwan Via Nerurpar Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Miraj Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Swadi Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Banda Via Madura Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Vijayadurga Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Tillari Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Banda Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Terekhol Non A/c -- --
Pnj to S .wadi Belgaum Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Poona Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Shirdi Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Mangalore Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Belgaum Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Saundatti Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Hubli Non A/c -- --
Pnj Anmod to Belgaum Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Chikkodi Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Badami Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Raichur Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Gulbarga Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Bangalore Non A/c -- --
Pnj to Bijapur Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Ahmednagar Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Banda Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Bangalore Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Goa Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Hubli Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Kankavli Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Kolhapur Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Kudal Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Lonavala Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Mahabaleshwar Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Mapsa Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Mumbai Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Panjim Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Pune Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Satara Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Sawantwadi Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Shirdi Non A/c -- --
Madgaon to Thane Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Bangalore Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Belgaum Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Hyderabad Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Kolhapur Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Mahabaleshwar Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Miraj Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Mumbai Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Pune Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Sangli Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Shirdi Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Solapur Non A/c -- --
Panaji to Thane Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Ahmedabad Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Ahmednagar Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Anand Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Ankleshwar Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Bangalore Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Baroda Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Belgaum Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Bharuch Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Chennai Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Goa Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Gulbarga Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Hubli Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Humnabad Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Hyderabad Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Kankavli Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Karad Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Kolhapur Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Kundapura Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Lonavala Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Madgaon Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Mahabaleshwar Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Mangalore Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Mumbai Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Nadiad Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Pune Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Rahuri Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Satara Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Shirdi Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Surat Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Thane Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Vadodara Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Valsad Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Vapi Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Vellore Non A/c -- --
Panjim to Zahirabad Non A/c -- --
Ponda to Belgaum Non A/c -- --
Shiroda to Mumbai Non A/c -- --

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