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Adra Purulia Passenger (68057) Train Schedule

Indian railway Adra Purulia Passenger also recognised by its train number 68057 starts its journey from Garh dhrubeswar Railway Station and ends its trip at Purulia jn Railway Station. This Adra Purulia Passenger passes train stations -Garh dhrubeswar Railway Station, Anara Railway Station, Bagalia Railway Station, Kushtaur Railway Station, Chharra Railway Station, Purulia jn Railway Station.
We help you get Adra Purulia Passenger time table, 68057 route and its schedule.

Station Code Station Arr. Dep. Halt Day of Arrival Distance
GRB Garh dhrubeswar Railway Station 5:54 AM 5:55 AM 1 1 7
ANR Anara Railway Station 6:02 AM 6:03 AM 1 1 13
BGA Bagalia Railway Station 6:11 AM 6:12 AM 1 1 19
KSU Kushtaur Railway Station 6:18 AM 6:19 AM 1 1 22
CHRA Chharra Railway Station 6:23 AM 6:24 AM 1 1 32
PRR Purulia jn Railway Station 6:35 AM 1 1 39

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