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List of Trains from Lalgola Railway Station To Sealdah Railway Station

Looking for train between Lalgola Railway Station To Sealdah Railway Station? You have came to right website. Our team of online research experts always on toes and keep the website as updated as possible by adding new stations information, train schedules changes so that you get most updated information about trains running between Lalgola Railway Station To Sealdah Railway Station.

Train No.Train Name.Train Origin.Train Destination.Train AriTrain DepRunning Days
102Gudivada Narasapur Passenger (UnReserved)GDVLUR8:20 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
104Gudivada Narasapur Passenger (UnReserved)GDVSDAH10:55 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
106Lalgola Sealdah Passenger (UnReserved)LGLINDB12:37 PMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
112Bhuj Viramgam Passenger (UnReserved)BHUJSDAH4:30 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
13104Bhagirathi ExpressLGLSDAH10:25EndsY|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y
53174Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger (UnReserved)LGLSDAH9:57 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
53176Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger (UnReserved)LGLSDAH12:37 PMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
53178Lalgola Sealdah PassengerLGLSDAH3:15 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
53182Lalgola-Sealdah Passenger (UnReserved)LGLSDAH10:55 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S
63102Lalgola-Sealdah MEMU PassengerLGLSDAH11:25 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|-
63104Lalgola - Sealdah MEMU PassengerLGLSDAH4:15 AMM|T|W|T|F|S|S

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