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About Assam

Assam : The State OF Tea And Silk

Assam is one of the famous states of India. It is situated in the northeastern part of the India. Dispur is the capital city, while Guwahati is the largest town in Assam state. This state covers approximately 78,440 kilometer square of land area. This state is popularly known as Assam silk and Assam tea. Assam shares the boundries with Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Manipur, to the south shares with Mizoram and Meghalaya and to the west Bangladesh and Tripura.

History of assam state:

The history of Assam state is very wealthy and ancient. It was created or established one year before the independence .i.e. on 1st April 1946. Assam is the seventeenth largest state by area and fifteenth largest by its population. The evaluated population of Assam is around 31,205,576. Usually, Bengali, Assamese and Bodo language is spoken in Assam.

Top rated tourist destinations of assam to visit in Assam:

Here are the wonderful places of assam to visit as follows:


Guwahati is one of the most attractive destinations of Assam which is situated near Tezpur. It is commonly famous for its beautiful places such as temples, wildlife, and culture. The most delightful and beautiful attractions of Guwahati are Kaziranga national park and Kamakhya temple.


Tezpur is the another most wonderful city of Assam. It is situated near Jorhat city. Tezpur city is famous for its scenic beauty and culture. The most shared and major attractions of Tezpur are kola bhomora setu and agnigarh. Its nearby places are Guwahati, diphu, and Jorhat.


Digboi is the popular destination of Assam which is located near Dibrugarh. This city is famous for refinery oil, and It is the first oil refinery city in Asia. The best attraction of this city is Digboi oil refinery.


Diphu is the most surprising and delightful city of Assam. It is pinpointed in Karbi angling district.The famous places of diphu are nature, lakes, hills, and culture. The major attractions of diphu are umami and Arboretum.


Jorhat is the famous and attractive place of Assam. It is a perfect combination of natural beauty, culture, and history. The major attractions of Jorhat city are bor namghar, majuli and dhekiakhowa.

How to reach assam state:

Assam is normally well connected with the prime cities of India. Visitors can reach assam via flight, train and road network.

By flight

Air network is the best to reach Assam state. Usually, it takes very less time as compared to rail and road network.

By train

The train is also the good option to reach Assam. There is a direct train from new Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata for Assam.

By road network (car and bus)

Visitors can easily visit Assam state through the road network. Normally the highways are very clean and smooth. You will not feel any jerks and pain while traveling by car and bus to reach Assam.