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About Bihar

Get To Know More About Bihar

Bihar is the eastern part of India. It is considered as the thirteenth largest state of the country. Bihar is covering a 94,163-kilometre square area of India. Bihar is the merger of three different divisions or regions such as Bhojpuri, Magadha, and Mithila. Patna is largest city and capital of Bihar. Bihar shares its borders with Nepal on the north and by the Indian states of West Bengal on the northeast, Uttar Pradesh on the west, and Jharkhand on the south and southeast.

History of bihar:

Bihar is one of the most amazing states in the country. It is the modern state of India which was created on 22 March 1912. It is the 3rd largest state by population, and it's estimated population is around 103,804,637. The official language of Bihar is Hindi, but mostly the Urdu language is spoken there. This state is mainly famous for its great Buddha statue. In Bihar, 58 percent of people are below the age of 25.

Top most destinations of bihar to visit

Here are the popular and well known places of bihar state as follows: Gaya

Gaya is the most popular city or destination of bihar. It is located on the bank of the flag river. Gaya is wholly covered with historical places and temples. It is famous for vishnupad mandir, kashyap niwas, and dungeshwari cave.


Nalanda is the oldest university in the country India. Nalanda University is popularly known as Nalanda international university, and it is situated in rajgir, nalanda. It is the most prominent place; one should visit. This place is famous for nalanda archeology, venu vana, and pandu pokhar.


Munger is one the most fantastic and favorite place of Bihar. Munger is a twin city and is famous for Bihar school of yoga. It has many historical relics which adds charm. The major attractions of Munger are Sri Krishna Vatika, chandika than, sita kund and much more


Patna is the charming city of Bihar which is pinpointed on the southern bank of Ganga. It is one of the largest city of Bihar. It is mainly popular for its beautiful destinations or attractions such as agam, Kumar, Kuan, gurdwara Gobind ghat and much more.

How to reach bihar state:

There are three modes of transport which can help you in reaching bihar such as air, road and rail network.

By flight

Flight is very convenient and very favourable mode to reach bihar. Usually it helps to reach faster than other modes of transport. Patna Airport is connected to almost all the major cities.

By train

Train is also the best option for reaching bihar but it takes more time than flight.

By car or bus

Road network can also be the best to reach bihar state. You can easily go bihar through car and bus.