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Bus Operators

Road transport is one of the most convenient way to connect with different cities across the country. There are more than 1,000 buses are on road including state and private operators. Different type of buses are operating on roads that include A/C Category, Non-A/C Category, Sleeper, Multi-axle, volvo etc.

In India there are more than 500 highways including national and state on which more than 5,000 bus operators are operating to commute lakhs of passengers daily. There are few important bus routes where more than 100 bus operators operate on daily basis and help more than thousands of passengers from one place to another. Few most important bus-routes are mentioned below:

  • Delhi Jaupir Bus Schedule
  • Hyderabad Bangalore Bus Schedule
  • Pune Bangalore Bus Schedule
  • Mumbai Indore Bus Schedule
  • Hyderabad Goa Bus Schedule
  • Bangalore Vijayawada Bus Schedule
  • Kerala Chennai Bus Schedule

  • These routes are also important from the carriage point of view, as these buses also help in carrying goods from 1 place to another. In southern India, Bus operators also have cargo division that provides transportation of goods along with bus services. Now-days you can also book bus tickets online and you can also check the route of bus operators given below.

    If you are looking for some specific bus operator for booking bus tickets? We provide you one of the vast list of Indian bus operators. We provide information about 5000 bus operators and, the number is growing everyday, located across India, including the buses, routes and lowest fares of operators. Select your favourite bus operator and proceed to book the bus ticket with it. Apart from list of bus operators, we also provide list of train stations and train running status.

    We tried to provide the latest list of bus operators bublic or private, with bus timings, frequency of buses running, tentative fare that you might have to pay. Since you are planning a trip via bus, check our bus schedule to book tickest online.

    List of Bus Operators

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