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About Chandigarh

Are you Searching for places to visit in India? Our Incredible India has an ocean of history, if you explore India, you will come to know a lot about this country, its culture, religion, the way of living and more. Today we will be discussing a famous place located in India, "Chandigarh." It is the capital of two common state that is Punjab and Haryana, and it is memorable for multiple reasons like food, festivals and more.

History of Chandigarh

Located on a boundary in State Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is also a union territory. When it comes to history, Chandigarh was known as the Home of Harappans about 8000 years ago which is quite a long time. In 1947 when there was a partition between India and Pakistan, the place Lahore became a city which was in Pakistan and then in 1949 a famous architect whose name is Albert Mayer was told to design a new city, so he discovered ?Chandigarh?.

Till the year 1960, Chandigarh was not developed completely, and for the time being, Shimla was the capital of East Punjab, but when the city Chandigarh came into existence, it became the capital of Punjab, and it is the capital of Punjab till now. Punjabi people are amazing and they will surely treat you like a special guest.

Places to Visit in Chandigarh

There are lots of places which you can visit in Chandigarh whether it is the temple or historical monuments or gardens. Chandigarh is a beautiful place surrounded by greenery. Let us see which are some of the Top Places to Visit in Chandigarh. There are other places which tourists chose to visit like Ambala, Amritsar, Bhatinda and more. Keep exploring and Keep traveling.

  1. Government Museum and Art Gallery.
  2. Japanese Garden.
  3. International Dolls Museum.
  4. Garden of Fragrance.
  5. Chandigarh Botanical Garden.

Mentioned above are the Famous Places in Chandigarh which you can visit with your family. If you want to explore more about history, you can visit the museums. These are the top 5 places, but apart from these, there are many other places to visit in Chandigarh.

How to Reach Chandigarh?

There are some ways through which you can reach Chandigarh. If you are coming by flight from any foreign country and landing in Delhi and Mumbai, then you can directly catch another flight to visit Chandigarh.

If you are an Indian citizen, you can reach Chandigarh via train, bus, cars or flights. Select the transportation medium as per your choice and budget. If you are traveling by car then, you can explore many other nearby places too.