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About Daman And Diu

Who does not like to visit at a place which is surrounded by beaches? Vacations are meant for visiting and exploring multiple places with your friends, families and other relatives. If you are searching a place to visit for vacation, then you must Daman & Diu. The best season in which you can visit Daman & Diu is summer or monsoon if you want to enjoy rain at the beaches. Let us see a short introduction about this place. India is famous for some languages it has and in Daman and Diu region people speak multiple languages like Konkani, Gujarati, Hindi, and English and the good thing about the place is it ranks on 6th position among all the union territories of India.

History of Daman & Diu

Located on the Western side of India, Daman & Diu is a union territory which is a tourist place. Spread in the area of 112 sq. Km. The place is a combination of two distinct regions that is obviously Daman and Diu. Many years before, Daman and Diu was ruled by Portuguese people and it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Gujarat Border.

Till 1986, Goa, Daman and Diu were known as a single union territory, but in 1987, Daman and Diu got separated. If you think that Daman and Diu are the same places, then you are wrong. The distance you need to cover to visit Diu from Daman is around 650 km by road.

Places to Visit in Daman & Diu?

As I said both are different places, there are various locations to which you can visit in Daman as well as in Diu. Let us see which are the adventurous parts of Daman and Diu which you can visit. As we all know, Daman is famous for beaches; these are some of the top places you can visit on your vacations

Places to visit in Daman are:

  1. Devka Beach.
  2. Mirasol Lake Garden.
  3. Jampore Beach.
  4. Lighthouse.
  5. St. Jerome Fort.

If you are planning to go Diu also, donít forget to visit these places in Diu:

  1. Diu Fort.
  2. Gangeshwar Temple.
  3. Nagoa Beach.
  4. Naida Caves.
  5. Ghogla Beach.

How to reach Daman and Diu?

The best transportation medium through which you can easily reach Daman and Diu is via train or bus. You need to reach Vapi or Surat, and from there you can easily get a taxi and that too at reasonable rates.

Another option to reach Daman and Diu is via car. If you are a Mumbaikar, then you can easily hire a car and go to the place.