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About Goa

Amazing Holiday State Of India: Goa

Goa is the most beautiful state of India. It is situated on the western shoreline of the country. Though, goa is visited by huge number of people. Panaji is the capital city of goa. Goa is mainly famous for its beaches, world heritage architecture and religious places. Vasco de Gama is one of the popular and largest city of goa. Goa is the smallest state in India. Synonymous with tourism in India. Geographically it bears a striking resemblance to its neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

History of Goa:

Goa was established on 30th may 1987. Goa is covering around 3,702 km Sq. of total land area. Its estimated population is approximately 1,457,723. Goa is the 29th largest city by area and 26th substantial city by population. Usually, konkani and Portuguese language is spoken in goa. Greeks has named goa as Nelkinda in 13th century. It has some historic names also such as sandbur, Sandspur and mahassapattam.

Top most places of goa to visit:

Here are the most wonderful places of goa to visit as follows:

Calangute beach:

Calangute is one of the most beautiful beach of goa. It is largest beach of goa which is highly recommended to visitors or tourists. Calangute beach usually provide a long shoreline with an attractive and beautiful scene of the see. This fantastic beach is commonly known as "queen of beaches".

Fort aguada:

Fort aguada is the best and wonderful attraction of goa which is pinpointed on the sinquerim beach of goa. It has two famous things that 13m high lighthouse and a vaulted cistern. Vaulted cistern is wholly filled with 10 million litres of pure water. After visiting, you observe some beautiful buildings which are still in proper shape.

Deltin royale casino

Deltin royale casino boat is an incredibly amazing and the biggest boat of goa. Deltin royale casino is located in panjim city of goa. It provides one day of nonstop and unlimited fun in an area which is spreaded over 40,000 square feet of luxurious games.

How to reach goa:

Here are some transport modes which can help to reach goa without facing any problem and difficulty. People can reach goa through road network, rail network and air network.

By air network

Normally, goa is well connected with the big cities of the country. Fights assist people to reach goa in less time.

By rail network

Rail networks are also the best source for reaching goa state. It normally take more time as compared to flight, but it helps to reach goa safely and easily.

By road network

Road network are also the best to reach goa. People can reach goa by travelling in bus and car as well.