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About Gujrat

The Industrial State Of India : Gujarat

Gujarat is a beautiful state located in western India. This state is covering around 196,024 kilometer square of total land area. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat while Ahmedabad is its largest city. It is a native land of Gujarati people of the country. Though, Gujarat is famous for rich culture, heritage building and the large variety of food. The state share its borders with Rajasthan to the north and Maharashtra to the south.

History of gujarat:

Gujarat state was established on 1st may 1960. It is the 5th ranked state by area and 9th ranked by population. The estimated value of gujarat population is around 60,383,628. The literacy rate of gujarat is 79.31%. Usually, gujarati language is spoken in gujarat state. This state is also known as gujaratara and gurjarabhumi. Generally, it is the main centre of indus valley civilisation.

Top most places of gujarat state to visit:

Here are the best places of gujarat as follows:


Ahmedabad city is the most wonderful city of gujarat state. It is considered as the fifth largest city of the country India. Ahmedabad city is famous for its beautiful tourist attractions such as sabarmati ashram, bhadra fort, lakes, mosques and historical buildings.

Laxmi vilas palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace is the royal palace to visit. It is located in Vadodara, Gujarat. This place is considered as the largest residence in the country. Do not miss a chance to visit Laxmi Vilas palace residence to explore.

Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary

Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary is one of the greatest places to visit in Gujarat. This place is consist of wide variety of birds and animals. You can also explore the variety of plants there. Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary is plentiful in water bodies.

Dwarkadhish temple

Dwarkadhish temple is a worshipping and religious place. It is often referred as the Jagat mandir and Nija mandir. Dwarkadhish temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. This temple is in Dwarka, Gujarat.

How to reach gujarat state:

Here are some traveling modes that can assist you in visiting or reaching the most unusual Gujarat state. People can easily reach Gujarat state through three forms of transport, i.e., Road network, air network and rail network.

Through road network

Generally, gujarat state is well connected with the cities of India. People or tourists can reach gujarat by travelling in bus or car.

Through air network

Air network is the best network that helps to reach gujarat city in a very limited time period.

Through rail network

Rail network or train is also an excellent option for reaching gujarat city.

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