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About Kerala

Kerala is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful state of India. It is historically named as Kerala. This Indian state is covered over 38,863 kilometers of total land area of the country. Kerala is allocated into 14 localities or districts. Kerala is also known as gods own country, land of coconuts and spice garden of India. Kerala is bordered by Karnataka to the northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west.

History of kerala state:

Kerala state was being recognized as an independent statehood on 1st November 1956. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital and one of the largest city in Kerala state. This state is 22nd ranked by area and 13th ranked by population. The total estimated population of Kerala is around 33,387,677. Its literacy rate is 93.9 percent. Though, Malayalam is the official language of Kerala. It is famous for its beautiful backwaters and eco-tourism initiatives.

Top rated wonderful destinations of kerala to visit:

Here are the beautiful places of kerala as follows:

Fort kochi

Fort Kochi is the beautiful destination of Kerala which is often named as ?Gateway to Kerala.? It is also known as West Kochi and old Kochi. This place is famous for historical sites, and it's architecture. One of the major attractions of Fort Kochi area is Fort Kochi beach.


Alleppey is the top most tourist place of Kerala. Usually, millions of people visit Alleppey place in a year. The most beautiful and highly visited places of Alleppey are Krishna Puram palace, Marari beach, Alappuzha beach, Kumarakom bird sanctuary and more.


Munnar is the perfect place in Kerala to spend vacations and honeymoon days. It attracts and delights people with its enchanting beauty. Munnar is a beautiful hill station. The major attractions of Munnar place are TATA tea museum, blossoms park, Chee Yapp-ara waterfalls, Indo- Swiss dairy farm and more.


Wayanad is the land of heavenly trails. It is the greenest place of the state ?Kerala.? Kerala state is enriched with the beauty of God, rich culture and serene atmosphere. The famous places of Wayanad are Banasura hill, Kabini, Papansini river, Tirunelveli temple and much more.

How to reach kerala state:

You can reach kerala state through flight, road network and train as well.


Flight is very convenient transport to visit and reach kerala state. It assist people to reach kerala in a very less time.


Trains are also the best source to reach kerala state. Usually, trains take more time than flights in reaching kerala, but rail network can help people to reach safely to their destination. Kerala is well connected to rail network that makes rail network as best option to reach kerala.

Car and bus

You can reach kerala by travelling in bus and car.