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About Madhya Pradesh

Explore the beauty of Madhya pradesh

Madhya pradesh is the top rated state of India which is often recognized as he heart of india. This state is surrounded by the states namely, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. This state is usually divided into 51 districts or regions. Madhya pradesh is covering around 308,252 square kilometres.

History of Madhya pradesh:

Madhya pradesh, the state of India was settled on 1st November 1956. Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya pradesh. The most largest cities of M.P are indore and jabalpur. Madhya pradesh is the second largest state by area and fifth largest by population. Hindi is the official language of Madhya pradesh and usually hindi and English both the languages are spoken there. The literacy rate of Madhya pradesh is 72.6 percent.

Top most tourist destinations of Madhya pradesh to visit

Here is the leading list of tourist destinations of Madhya pradesh are as follows:


Bhopal is the most wonderful city of Madhya pradesh. It is generally known as ?The city of lakes?. This place is famous for lakes, museums, historical places, wildlife reserves and more. The most amazing attractions of bhopal namely, bhojpur, upper lake, lower lake, state museum, van vihar national park and gohar mahal.


Indore is also the another most mesmerising and beautiful city of Madhya pradesh. This city is famous for incredible architecture, rich heritage and historical monuments. The key attractions of this place are central museum, lal Bagh palace, tincha Waterfall, patalpani Waterfall and more.


Gwalior is the most famous destination of Madhya pradesh. This place is very rich in nature, art, history, culture and tradition. The major attractions of gwalior city are tansen tomb, tiger dam, Mansingh palace, gwalior fort, gopachal Parvat, jai vilas palace and many more.

How to reach Madhya pradesh:

Madhya pradesh is interconnected with cities of Indian nation. People can reach Madhya pradesh through different modes of transport such as air network, road network and rail network.

Air network

Air network is highly convenient as compared to other networks. It can help tourists to reach Madhya pradesh in few hours. If you want to reach early then you should prefer air service.

Rail service

Rail services or rail network is also very appropriate to reach Madhya pradesh. There are so many regular and direct trains are available for reaching madhya pradesh.

Road network

Road services is one of the best means of transport. One can reach madhyapradesh through car, buses and taxis.