List of Railway Stations

Life is too short to stay in the same place and do the same old things. We need to have newer experiences and travel to as many places as possible in the small life we have. And most of us wish to travel and explore every place around us and living in India the most convenient and reliable mode of transportation is the Indian railways. Although you might argue that the roadways are also a considerable option for travelling but you also need to think about how the roads would be like in the route you choose and don't even get me started on the level of discomfort you would have to face during the journey. The Indian Railways has connected every part of the country through their vast railway lines making it possible for us to go literally anywhere we want to in our country with the best of the comforts in everyone's budgets. Road trips are very expensive because of the fuel prices and with such affordable rates provided by our Indian Railways, you need not save a fortune to plan for those trips. On the official Indian railways website, you have so many options to make the process of planning your trip absolutely simple. Let me break down the simple things and options on the website that you can use to make a fool proof plan for your next trip.

Railway timetable chart 2017:

Before booking any train, it is a must that you check out the railway timetable chart of 2017 to get the latest trains available and the timings of each train to find out which train has timings suitable for your schedule and requirement.

Train time table between two stations:

Suppose you have a destination in mind but don't know which train to look out for then you can access the train time table between the two stations, boarding source and your destination.

Indian railway time table enquiry:

You can also track a particular train or get it real-time running station by checking out the Indian railway time table enquiry. Using this you can keep a track of the delays (if any) and see how the train has been for the past few days. If the train has been delaying for the same duration everyday then you would have to be mentally prepared to have your train delayed when you board it and make your plans accordingly. In case of urgency, using this you would be able to board the wrong train that might end up delaying your time of arrival altogether.

Indian railway time table chart: The Indian railway time table chart allows you to check out the trains and their timings and the reservation and availability status so far. This way you can book your tickets in alternate trains with tickets available.

Indian Railways time table download:

For times when you might not have an internet access, you can be prepared to plan your itinerary without any issues by downloading the Indian Railways time table. With the downloaded PDF of the time table you could sit with your friends and family and plan your trip even when you are offline. With so many options available to book a train ticket, planning a train journey is the most convenient way to plan your next trip. Using the Indian railways time table between two stations you can look out the routes to your destination and choose the most convenient and optimal one. Make use of the Indian railways time table enquiry to make a fool proof plan and make the most of your trip without wasting time waiting on stations for long hours. For a trip to be successful it is essential that you invest your time smartly and make a plan that is properly thought out, easy on the pocket and lets you experience everything that people love about travelling. So, the next time you are planning to pack your bags and hit the road, choose the Indian railways to make your trips more budget friendly, hassle free and experience the essence of travelling in India. Wait no more and hop on to their website to find the best way to your destination.

Train travel in India is the most popular means for short as well as for long distances. If you want to travel by train, make sure the city/town or destination is connected to broad gauge rail route. You simply provide train name or train number and we will provide you detailed train schedule that contains station code, starting time, arrival time, stops and distance of travel. And through our website, you can check out the train time table. If you have decided to book your reservation tickets via train then you would also require the information about train running status, and if any train is delayed or timings have been rescheduled. There are two options of booking a train ticket. The first is to visit any nearby railway station and fill out the form with all details and submit it in the counter.

The second option is online booking and that's much easier. A train travel is both safe and affordable. Indian individuals jump at the chance to travel via train. An excursion via train takes you to uncover the overall unexplored locales and secrets of Mother India. But in case, if you are planning a trip via road, we provide road route map of India for you to explore the nation. And also most importantly, the bus schedule and you can select according to your needs and requirements. Also if your destination is not so far and you wish to travel via road and through your own vehicle then our website will help in knowing the exact driving time from one location to another.

However, if your destination is far and your want to save time you can explore our flight schedule section to check flight details and timings. In this way, our website will help you out in travelling safely and in right way to reach your destination.

List of Railway Stations