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About West Bengal

Meghalaya is the excellent state that comes under the 29 states of Indian country. This state is pinpointed in the North eastern area of the nation. Meghalaya state is covering approximately 22430 kilometer square of land area. This state is divided into eleven (11) districts or regions. It is the wettest territory of the country India. The state is surrounded by Assam to its north and Bangladesh to its south.

History of meghalaya state:

Meghalaya state was created on 21st January 1972. Shilling is the capital city and the largest city of Meghalaya. Its total population is around 3,211,000. This state is considered as the 23rd ranked state by area and 23rd ranked by population also. The literacy rate of Meghalaya is 75.84 percent. Mostly, English, Khasi, and Garo language are spoken in Meghalaya.

Top most places of meghalaya state

Here is the entire list of top destinations of meghalaya state to visit:


Shillong is the most beautiful place of Meghalaya state. It is famous for its scenic beauty and hill areas as well. This place is often recognized as “Scotland of the East.” The most amazing attractions of Shillong namely; Shillong peak, elephant falls, spread eagle falls, don Bosco center for indigenous culture and many other attractions as well.


Cherrapunji is the another fantastic destination located in Meghalaya state. It is the wettest region of Meghalaya. This land receives highest amount of rainfall each year. It has some beautiful attractions to visit are the mawsmai cave, eco park, noh kali kai falls, maw ml uh cave and many other. One should visit this fantastic place to enjoy vacations and honeymoon.


Tura is the adorable and wondrous place in Meghalaya state. The beauty and greenery of this place are extremely very specular and attractive as well. Tura is famous for its beautiful tourist destinations such as the balpakram national park, nokrek national park, pelga falls, tura peak and much more. People enjoy by spending time in this place.


Williamnagar is also considered as the stunning region of Meghalaya. It is a dream place for those who are adventure seekers, birds watcher and nature lover. Although you can also visit some popular destinations of Williamnagar such as napak lake, dome falls, task lake and more.

How to reach meghalaya state:

One can reach meghalaya state through three means of transport such as air service, train service and road service as well.

Air service Air services are very appropriate for people or tourists because it assist to reach meghalaya in a very limited time period. Rail services As it is known that meghalaya is connected with the major routes of India. So one can easily reach meghalaya through train. Road service Road service is also the best way for reaching meghalaya state. You can prefer car and bus to reach that particular place.